OUTDOOR HOUSING: How to keep ferrets outdoors.
There are two types of housing; one is a ferret cub and the other is a ferret court. A cub should measure at least 6foot x 2foot 6inches x 2foot 6inches this is suitable for 2 to 4 ferrets whereas a court could be anything from a small aviary to a large pigeon loft type construction. Which ever you decide on you should make sure it is 100% waterproof and have a sleeping area with plenty of bedding, examples of ideal bedding materials are straw,hay, shredded paper or blankets.
I use shredded paper all year round, but during the winter I often use either hay or straw as either of these will generate more heat and help keep the ferrets warm. During the summer months the sleeping area will also double up as a shady area and fresh drinking water should be available at all times.
Snowy Court

The advantage of a court is that it provides ample space for pipes, ropes, logs, hammocks, hanging baskets etc, in fact almost anything that could be played with or investigated as ferrets are the most inquisitive animals I know. Ferrets are communal and enjoy each other's and human company and the fact that you can sit in a court with the ferrets makes it well worthwhile. Unfortunately hobs and jills have to be kept separately from early February to October, as both the male and female ferret will come into season during this time. Entire hobs kept together will fight aggressively and I believe if left they would fight to the death. Some entire hobs kept together from kits will live together through out their adult lives but I would advise you keep an eye on them during the breeding season.

An entire or vasectomised hob in my opinion would need a cub measuring at least 4foot x 2foot 6inches x 2foot 6inches. Unless you are planning to breed it is better all round to have hobs castrated as they will usually live together quite happily. It is very important, no matter what type of ferret housing you have that you keep it clean and dry , wood shavings on the floor area or in a corner not only keeps smells to a minimum and soaks up urine but also makes cleaning out much easier

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